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These terms and conditions are applicable at any time for use of the website WEAS2017.com.

About the company: Name: The WEAS6 Union IVS
Address: Stumpedyssevej 26
VAT no.: 3749 3341
E-mail: info@weas2017.com

Payment is made online, and the money is deducted from the buyers account when the purchase is approved by the buyer.

The confirmation e-mail serves as documentation for participation at the symposium and must be showed upon arrival at the venue.

Payment types
It is possible to use credit card / Visa, Mastercard, etc …
(there should also be inserted a logo of each card)

All prices are in EURO.

Changes & cancellation
Change or cancellation of participation can be made by contacting info@weas2017.com. For changes or cancellations before May 1st 2017 a administration fee of 50 Euro is charged.
After May 1st 2017 changes and cancellations are not possible and there will be no refund of payments.
A no show requires full payment and are not entitled to refunds.